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About Us

Best Bird is a vertically integrated business which controls most aspects of its poultry production process. Best Bird raises, slaughters and processes chickens Sells directly to consumers in the brand name of ‘Best Bird’.

Quality and service

These are the Best Bird principles that have shaped and continue to guide this solid, growing towards fully integrated company


More than any other single value, quality at Best Bird cannot be compromised. We ensure this by a shared recognition that our future is determined by our ability to select and retain a team of quality people, and that the superiority of our product is a measure of these individuals.


Honest dealings with customers and consumers, coupled with outstanding people and products, add up to the high level of customer service expected of Best Bird. In short, we will be our customer’s most valued supplier. Committed to and living by these values, we at Best Bird believe that success is assured, yet never assumed. Categories


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